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Homelessness More Common Among Gay, Bisexual Teens, US Study

July 25, 2011   Medical News Today

Homelessness is much more common among gay, lesbian and bisexual teenagers than among their heterosexual counterparts, according to a study of over 6,300 Massachusetts high school students that also found homeless gay, lesbian and bisexual teens are consistently more likely to be living on their own without a parent or guardian Read more…

Worrying about worrying: What it's like to grow up with OCD

July 21, 2011   MSN Today Health

When other young girls worried about boys and lip gloss, Traci Foust worried about worrying. She also worried about swallowing pencils and knives and whether she would inadvertently burn down her house, kill her family, be sent to an orphanage and then be murdered herself. Read more…

The truth about post-traumatic stress disorder

July 20, 2011

Post-traumatic stress disorder is often linked to soldiers returning from war zones. But could those with the condition actually benefit from their experience, wonders leading psychiatrist Gordon Turnbull in this extract from his new book Read more…

Gay Latinos Fighting Bias, Stereotypes on Many Levels

July 14, 2011   California Healthline

Carolina Ramos has seen the struggle over and over again. She is the Latino/a services coordinator for the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) Community Center in San Diego, where she sees families torn and battered, as they try to come to grips with a child who has a different sexual orientation. Read more…